Friday, April 2, 2010

Some background information

A little about me: First, the name "WWKD." WWKD stands for What Would Keithustus Do. Come to Echo Isles to find out who Keithustus is... Suffice it to say, "he's nice." At least that's what my wife thinks. "He helps people." Specifically, he's a tree. Confused? Too bad. In short, you can see the real me at my facebook page (linked somewhere around here). Moving right along...

I was born and raised in sunny southern California (the left coast). My parents were Republicans. Yeah, I can excuse that, at least in my own mind. I am a hardcore Libertarian. I am also an attorney with a love of constitutional law. In fact, I have an assignment for you. Go here and take a simple little quiz.

You see, my whole thing can be simply stated in a few short words: People should be free to do WHATEVER they want to do as long as they are not harming or perpetrating a fraud on anyone else. You'll notice I capitalized and italicized "whatever."

This simply means anything from shooting heroin, to prostitutes, to even downloading the more fringe types of pornography (of course, non-copyrighted material). Allow me to illustrate. Heroin. Clearly an awful and highly addictive drug. However, what someone does to their own body is simply their choice. Simple huh? I know what you're thinking, but WWKD, we'll have junkies roaming the streets robbing people. Umm, last time I checked the news, we kind of have that now. Stealing is still illegal last time I checked. Think of it as a kind of personal contract. You choose to inject heroin. It's your body right? The same goes for porn or whatever. But not here, in this country we have these hideous "societal norms." Does shooting smack make you a bad person? I'm not wise enough to answer that, but it would certainly seem to me it's not the smartest thing in the world to do to one's self. The same goes for prostitutes. Again, another contractual setting. Would I frequent whores? No. As I'm OCD, inter alia, that type of contractual relationship does not appeal to me (besides, there's myriad things I'd rather spend my money on). More importantly, my wife would definitely take issue with that type of behavior.

Sadly, as I alluded to earlier, people don't want this type of freedom. Most people are generally afraid of such individual responsibility. It's sad really. People would rather have the illusion of security. Well, that's kind of it for now.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Welcome to my blog

Well, I've finally did it... Get ready to be beat over the head with the often painful truth; at least as I sees it.